Importance of Muscle Flexibility

  • It prepares the athlete for training.
  • It increases the ability to move.
  • It provides physical and mental relaxation for the athlete.
  • It reduces the injury risk of the athlete.
  • It increases the activation of the muscular and nervous systems.
  • It increases the muscle strength.
  • It reduces the severity of menstruation of female athletes.
  • It increases the body symmetry and posture fitness.
  • It reduces the development of muscle cramps.
  • It helps coordination by enabling to move more freely and easier.
  • It enables to do the movements in accordance with the technique by less energy.
  • It reduces muscle aches experienced after training.
  • When done before and after strength training, it makes it easier for the muscle to adapt to the change in state.

Flexibility can be improved at any age. However, the development rate differs by age, and childhood is the best period.