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Any person, visiting website, shall hereinafter be referred to as the "user". website is owned by Akra company. Any and all kinds of contents and materials such as visual pictures and videos on the website are owned by Akra. Unauthorized use of any such content or material on any other website or medium whatsoever is prohibited.

These terms and conditions by and between Akra and user shall be of contract nature. Therefore, we hereby request your kind action to read the general terms and conditions given herein below, carefully.



By accessing to and using the "" website (the "website" or the "site"), you shall be deemed to have acknowledged to be legally bound by the "Terms of Use", listed herein below, as well as any and all terms and conditions that are specified or referred therein. Akra shall remain entitled to amend/modify any and all terms and information, available on the site and the extensions thereof, including the contractual terms, without serving any prior notice for such purpose.


All publication/broadcasting rights on and to the contents of the website are preserved. Except for only viewing on the screen, it is not allowed to store, copy, modify or reproduce the images, graphics, sound effects, programs, software, texts, videos, animations on the site and such other inscriptions available thereon. The trademarks and product marks, which are mentioned within the Internet and used by any third party if and when so required, shall be bound by the statutory provisions with respect to the intellectual and industrial property rights without any limitation thereto. The Akra trademark, logo and any and all rights in relation to the services offered by Akra are owned by Akra. Any picture, graph, video or text, etc., available on the website with respect to such products, may not be reproduced or used either electronically or in any printed publication, unless the prior consent of Akra is obtained. The copyrights and any and all such other proprietary rights with respect to the contents, provided by Akra, its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or partners, and also with respect to any software, which is used for functioning and publishing/broadcasting the website, or the compilation of the data on the website or the order, format or arrangement of the website shall remain individually and entirely with Akra. All rights, which are not expressly recognized with respect to the contents hereunder, are reserved hereby. The use and registration of the Akra trade name shall remain exclusively with Akra. Any company name, legal name, trading name, domain name or any such other designation, legend or identification, which uses the Akra trade name or any such other similar designation or any part of the Akra trade name or any other registered trademark, owned by the Akra company, may not be used or registered.


This site contains the Akra trademarks, logos and Akra service marks.  The Akra logos and product and service names, including but not limited to those listed herein below, are the trademarks of Akra and owned by the respective Akra company within the organization of the group companies. The contents of the site or any of the trademarks herein may not be copied or used in any manner whatsoever unless the explicit and written consent of Akra is obtained.  Akra shall remain entitled to the right of litigation, action and petition in respect of the foregoing.


In case of any error with respect to the services that are announced on the website and offered, Akra shall be entitled to reject or cancel the provision of any booked service or any service warranted to be provided. In any case, Akra shall be entitled to reject or cancel any kind of booking/ordering, either wholly or partially, whether the cost of any such order or service has already been collected or not.


The terms and conditions hereunder shall apply as of the time of logging in and the use of the Website. Any of the terms and conditions hereunder may at any time be modified, terminated or revoked unilaterally by Akra for any reason whatsoever and without any prior notice thereto.


This site may collect and store personal information about you, and it may share any such information with the other websites available within the organization of the Akra Group. Any such information may be shared with the respective authorities and agencies if and when any such information is requested by the Administrative Agencies, Courts, Law Enforcement Agencies and such other similar judicial and administrative agencies or instrumentalities.


Since any information exchange on the Internet may comprise security issues, Akra shall and may not guarantee that the information will not be captured by any third party whatsoever in consequence of the use of the website or the communication by the respective user within the site or in respect of the security of the personal or such other information.


Akra shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage and/or loss that might result from the access to the website or use of the site or the information and such other data and programs, etc. available within the site, and/or breach of contract, tort or for any such other reason whatsoever. Akra shall not assume any liability for interruption of the processing or for any error, omission, interruption that would result from breach of contract, tort, omission or any such other reason whatsoever. It is hereby acknowledged that Akra is hereby exempted from any and all kinds of liabilities and right to compensation and right to claim, including the court fees, attorney fees and such other costs that might result from the access to this site or to any other linked site or the use of the site or in consequence of the use of/visiting the website of Akra. Akra shall not be liable for any loss of profits, compensation costs, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages that might result from the utilization or non-utilization of the website or the services or functions of the website by you, or from any access or non-access to the site by you, or from your reliance on the site or the services provided through the site, or on the contents or materials therein of the functions thereof, or from the provision or non-provision of the services or information, or for the obligations that would arise from the loss of data or profits, whether any information has been provided with respect to the probability of any such damage or not, and also for any and all kinds of theory of obligation (including negligence), under any circumstance whatsoever. Akra shall neither be liable for updating the website or the contents thereof.


Akra does not make any commitment, warranty or guarantee with respect to the accuracy, reliability, availableness of the contents of the website or the services, contents or materials in connection therewith.  Any and all risks with respect to the use of the website shall remain with the user. Akra does not guarantee that the website or the services, contents, materials or functions therein shall be continuous and available, and that the website or the services, contents, materials or functions therein shall not be interrupted or shall be error-free, and that any such error shall be corrected, or that the site or the services, contents, materials or servers constituting such site do/does not contain any virus or such other malicious contents, or that the site or the services, contents, materials or servers constituting such site are accurate or complete. The user hereby acknowledges in advance all costs of any and all kinds of required servicing, repair or correction.
In no circumstance whatsoever, Akra makes no warranty with respect to the fact that you will be satisfied with the website or the products or services you will purchase through the site. Akra makes no commitment or warranty whatsoever with respect to the security of any information (including but not limited to the information about the instruments of payment and also such other personal information), you might be asked to provide to any third party whatsoever. The User hereby waives from any and all kinds of claims for receivables that would be submitted with respect to any third party content.  Akra shall at all times be entitled to reject to provide service to the user, and to terminate the accounts, and issue or arrange any content or to cancel any order. Akra does not guarantee the confidentiality or privacy of any communication or information available on the website in any manner whatsoever. The User hereby irrevocably waives from the right of litigation in respect of any and all kinds of legal actions or proceedings to which s/he might be a party in connection with any and all matters that might result from the use by the User.


Our Site is password-protected by SSL 3 D. Akra may provide the opportunity to buy goods or services of various kinds on the website. If and when s/he wishes to place an order/book/purchase any goods or services through the website, the User should provide her/his necessary personal details (name, surname, telephone number, credit card details, e-mail address, and address) accurately, reliably, completely and in full. In the event that an inaccurate price is quoted or that the pricing details are given wrongly due to any mistake with respect to the prices available on the list of goods or services offered for sale on the website, then Akra shall at all times be entitled to cancel, reject, refuse the service warranted to be provided. In the event that the goods or services indicated on the Website are available or limited on the basis of the booking, then Akra may at any time change, revoke or cancel the prices for such goods or services unilaterally and without submitting any justification thereto. The User may not assert any right or raise any claim or demand whatsoever with respect to such matter.


The terms of use hereunder shall be governed by the Turkish Law. Any and all kinds of disputes, which might arise in relation to or in connection with the terms of use or the use of the website, including any dispute with respect to the validity or existence of these terms of use, shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, and be submitted to and settled by the courts and enforcement offices of Antalya.


In the event that any of the provisions hereof is adjudicated to be null and void or unenforceable, then such provision that is deemed to be null and void and unenforceable shall be replaced with a valid and enforceable provision that would be closest to the purpose of such original provision, and the remaining provisions shall remain effective.


Any circumstance such as natural disasters, commotion, warfare, strikes, failure in communication and technical issues, infrastructure and Internet failures, power failure and adverse weather conditions shall be deemed as a Force Majeure event.


     Any failure by Akra to exercise any portion hereof shall not purport that Akra has waived from its right to enforce these terms of use for the acts      of any person either in the past or in future. These terms of use constitute a contract by and between Akra and the User, and consists of 14                articles. All rights to these terms of use shall remain with  Akra.