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Turkish Bath

Feel the relaxing power of water in the traditional Turkish Bath. You can detoxify your skin and release the stress of the day by the rituals of bath glove-foam in Turkish Bath.

Hamam Model
Türk Hamami

Turkish Bath

Feel how the heat fully relaxes your soul and body in Turkish Bath, a tradition for thousands of years. Enjoy relaxing, cleansing and indulging yourself by the rituals of bath glove-foam that smooth your skin and speed up blood circulation.

Buhar Banyosu

Steam Bath

Steam bath, an excellent way to cleanse your skin, purifies the skin, and makes it soft and smooth. It reduces the muscle pain, relieves upper respiratory infections significantly and clears the blockages, and is good for inflammations.



The sauna ensures detoxification of the body through sweating, and the pores are cleansed. You can relax your body and relieve the tiredness of the day with the hot air spreading in the wooden room.

Kar Cesmesi

Snow Fountain

The snow fountain cools the body with snow after sauna and other hot therapies. It provides a temperature transition smoother than cold shower or swimming. This makes the skin tighter, speeds up the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.