Rules & Regulations

For the purpose of ensuring the safety and comfort of all individuals at the hotel, the Management shall be entitled to terminate the stay of any guest who does not observe and comply with the guidelines and regulations listed herein below.

• The children should never be left alone in the balconies, and should not climb on the furniture inside the room.

• The children should be accompanied at the stairs and such similar other locations.

• For your own safety and comfort, please do not enter the food and beverage areas without wearing shoes.

• You can enter the restaurants not by wearing swimwear but by wearing a t-shirt or such other similar apparel.

• The rooms are for accommodation service. Each individual staying in a room is obliged to check-in at the reception.

• Any visitor, who has not checked in, is prohibited to enter the room or any other area inside the hotel. In respect of any guest who has not checked-in, an extra fee for 1 individual shall be reflected on the account of our guest, staying in the room.

• Please do not smoke inside the rooms. “Akra” is a non-smoking environment, and it has specific areas allocated for our smoker guests. 

• Please do not cause noise by speaking louder than a particular level. Please respect the silence as deserved by each of our guests.

• It is strictly prohibited for our guests to exhibit any behavior that would disturb any other guest.

• The liability for not leaving their personal belongings unattended shall remain solely with our guests. In the event that any personal belonging of any of our guests is lost or stolen,

then, "Akra" shall not assume any liability whatsoever.

• Please keep your valuables inside the private safe boxes available in your rooms. Otherwise, no liability shall be assumed by the hotel management.

• “Akra” shall not assume any liability whatsoever with respect to any accident or injury that is beyond the control of the hotel.

• It is strictly prohibited to throw any object or garbage from the windows or balconies of the hotel.

• Use of any and all kinds of lasers and such other similar objects inside the hotel.

• Pets are not allowed inside the rooms.

• There are waste containers for the paper, aluminum boxes, glasses and plastics inside the hotel, and such containers are readily accessible outside, please make use of such containers for any garbage.