Importance of Relaxing in Exercise


It is important to relax after sport activity. Most of the people do not pay enough attention to relaxing before and after exercise. The most important consideration is that the muscles develop not during exercising, but at rest. Working the body or the muscles too much does not mean that the body will develop more. You should also pay attention to relaxing beside a healthy diet and exercise for a good muscle structure and body.

The body cannot develop when adequate relax time is not given. Muscle, soft tissue, joint injuries may occur. Unrested mind and nervous system put extra stress on the body. Then, this causes negative thoughts and unwillingness.

Symptoms of over fatigue;

  • Poor performance in exercise,
  • Sleep disorder,
  • Not being able to increase weight in training,
  • Unwillingness to training,
  • High pulse at rest position,
  • A constant tiredness,
  • Short temper and intolerance.